Potential members (things to know before your first rally)  
Existing members  

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Potential members
(things to know before your first rally)

  1. If you would like to come to one of our rallies to experience our hospitality, please contact us at for further information or to let us know you intend to come, so members can keep an eye out for you.
  2. Please ensure you and your children are familiar with the "Kids Rules".

  3. Please familiarise yourself with "Campsite Etiquette".

  4. Animals are NOT ALLOWED at rallies.
  5. Membership including access to our Facebook networking group, will be discussed and  after you attend 3 rallies within 6 months.

Existing members

  1. Kids rules
  2. Campsite etiquette - Regardless of where you stay; at a caravan park, a showground or a bush camp everyone's stay can be enjoyable by following simple guidelines for good campsite etiquette.